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Pave Diamonds - An Essential Gem Guide

What is a pave diamond? 

Pave is a kind of diamond setting. The name comes from the French word ‘pave’ which in english translates to ‘pavement’. Pave diamond, pronounced as ‘pah-vay’, is a French word which is used for the style in which the jewels are set. In pave diamonds, the jewels are clustered very closely together due to which they give an appearance of a shiny and shimmering pavement. Since pave diamonds are considered accent diamonds, their color and clarity are not as high and therefore don’t cost as much.

What is pave diamond jewelry?

Pave refers to jewelry styles that feature multiple tiny diamonds or gemstones, set close together to achieve a textured, sparkling surface. The setting features very fine prongs to hold the gemstones, and the metal setting may be barely visible to create more of a solid diamond surface appearance. The effect is timeless yet unique. Grouping together multiple smaller diamonds allows jewellers to create a fluid row of stones, or cluster them together into particular shapes to form pave diamond jewelry.

What are Pave diamond Charms?

Pave diamond charms are unique and small pieces of jewelry that are used with anklets or bracelets. Once used as children's jewelry, the pave diamond charms are getting adult attention these days as they deserve. You can shop for pave diamond charms wholesale at Tucson beads where you can find a variety of pave diamond jewelry. 

What are Pave diamond Pendants?

Pave diamond pendants are small pieces of jewelry that can be attached to an anklet, necklace or a bracelet chain. In a diamond pendant, there are a variety of setting styles such as, bezel, prong and pave. In pave diamond pendants, the smaller carat diamonds are clustered together to give a sparkling effect. Pave diamond pendants create statement pieces which can be worn on any occasion to give you a contemporary yet classy look. You can shop for wholesale pave diamond pendants at Tucson beads as they are not just affordable but have the best collection of pave diamond jewelry.

What are Pave diamond Beads?

Pave diamond beads, also known as disco ball beads, are wonderfully sparkly beads covered in small stones. With each turn the beads throw off a spectacular amount of sparkle. For such a small bead, pave beads are like the superhero of beading for sparkle. If you’re looking for pave diamond beads from India, you should have a look at the amazing range of wholesale pave diamond beads at Tucson beads.

At Tucson beads, you can find a spectacular range of unique pave diamond jewelry from our collection of various gemstones and jewelry. This includes pave diamond charms, pave diamond pendants, pave diamond beads and much more.

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