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Everything you need to know about Pave Diamond Engagement Rings!

Is your engagement around the corner? Or All set to propose your loved one?

Whatever might be the reason a stunning looking ring will say it all. Pave diamond engagement rings are one such type of ring that is glamorous and elegant, with diamonds embedded across the band. 

What is a Pave diamond engagement ring?

Pave is derived from a French word "to pave," the paving is a setting wherein the small diamonds are placed with minimal gap between them, creating a beautiful appearance of the unbroken diamond surface. This setting enhances the appearance of the centerpiece.

Pave settings rings look stunning and are available in various styles and designs from vintage to contemporary. If you are looking for a marvelous engagement ring, then you should opt for a Pave diamond engagement ring.

Pave settings rings are one of the most sought-after designs for engagement rings and wedding rings. There are various paves you can choose from, so here a quick run through the types of pave settings styles.

Micro Pave

In micro pave settings, diamonds are usually smaller than 0.01 carat and are placed around the band, giving a look that the band is made of diamond. The diamonds are placed in several rows, and a standard micro pave setting engagement ring has a minimum of 50 diamonds. It is one of the most beautiful rings with detailed work. These types of rings are delicate and difficult to clean.

French Pave

French Pave, also known as fishtail pave, has a V-cutout in the base, making the diamonds visible from the sides and allowing more light to hit diamonds. The diamonds are placed in such a way that very few or negligible metal shows on the ring. 

U-Cut Pave

It is one of the most famous pave settings. The U-cut pave name comes from its shape as the diamonds are set in U shape. It looks unique and classy in appearance. U-cut pave's most amazing benefit is that it reduces the amount of metal and increases the diamond ratio. In U-cut pave, diamond sparkles from all angles. 

Bright Cut Pave

Bright Cut Pave also called the Channel set pave, and it is the most traditional pave style. Bright cut pave holds diamond between two metal walls with a small prong to keep it in position. This paves setting's significant benefit is that it provides additional durability and keeps the diamond safe in metal walls. In comparison with other pave styles, it has a high metal ratio. 

Scalloped Pave

Scalloped is one of the most unique and beautiful designs, and it attracts attention from its beautiful detailing. Scalloped pave metal beads cut into U shaped, and creates a scalloped pave. Scalloped paves are elegant and classy looking pave diamond engagement rings. There are many unique varieties within a scalloped pave, and designers can add their designs and styles to make it more beautiful and unique. But the concept is generally the same for the scalloped pave.

Petite Pave

Petite pave diamond settings are often confused with the micro-diamond setting. But Petite pave setting is focused on tiny prongs rather than small diamonds. In this type of setting, the diamond is more visible, giving it a spectacular look.

Now you know the different styles of Pave diamond engagement rings. Select the one which suits you according to your budget, maintenance, and style and surprise your partner with it!

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