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Your Guide to Casting Copper Jewelry

Metals in their purest form are highly vulnerable. They have a low melting point and cannot be used to make any kind of jewelry. So, when two metals are combined it forms an alloy which then forms an infinite number of possibilities for application. A wide range of alloys are present nowadays, out of which copper turns out to be the most efficient and beneficial to form jewelry. In fact, all alloys are mostly made from copper. 

Copper is the oldest mined mineral and dates back to more than 10,000 years ago. It was used to make household items in that era. But with time, copper has evolved as one of the widely used metals to form jewelry.

Copper jewelry is known for its simplicity and beauty. The advantages provided by copper make it a widely used metal in jewelry making. Copper jewelry is becoming so popular nowadays since people are drawn to ethnic jewelry pieces. Also, it is a good alternative to highly priced gold, diamond and silver jewelry. 

Copper beads are widely used due to medical benefits provided by it. Copper jewelry beads are said to be beneficial for ailments such as joint pain, arthritis and headaches. Copper helps in reducing body inflammation.

The first step in casting any jewelry is to create a wax pattern of the jewelry you want to cast. Most of the jewelry is made from the wax pattern that is used to create the mold. Once the wax shape is prepared, it is placed in a plaster which is then placed in a pan. The pan is then heated which allows the wax to melt and then only the plaster mold is left. It also burns the excess moisture out of plaster. Let the plaster cool a bit and meanwhile heat the copper metal. Pour the melted copper in the plaster cast. Let it cool. Copper beads are then formed from which casting copper jewelry becomes easier. This is the basic overview of how to cast copper jewelry. 

Copper jewelry beads look aesthetic and tough and have a shining appearance. It is very popular in the fashion industry and is adorned by various celebrities to complete their look. At Tucson Beads, you can find a lot of variety in Copper beads wholesale be it in bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. Also, different types of pure copper beads such as silver plated copper jewelry, gold plated copper jewelry, oxidized copper jewelry or copper beads products for sale are available at Tucson beads and you can shop as per your taste. 

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